Britney Spears Isn’t Normal

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Britney Spears made her guest appearance as a “love-struck receptionist” on How I Met Your Mother last night, and once again, some (her fans) are hailing it as her triumphant return. That might be true, except for the fact that this bitch is crazy. MSNBC reports:

A source close to Spears said that the role was very carefully chosen, and if the production hadn’t agreed to be sensitive toward Spears and avoid “trigger” topics, the Spears camp would have backed out…”The folks on set knew that they weren’t to bring up her music career, for example,” said the source. “And they weren’t supposed to start conversations about her kids. That said, they just wanted her to be treated normally, but obviously this wasn’t a normal situation.”

So basically, everybody on set had to pretend Britney Spears was 1999 Britney Spears and that everything that they heard and read about her every day happened in some sort of alternate reality where Britney Spears wasn’t perfect in every possible way. It was two fun-filled days of people pandering to this idiot and trying to avoid topics that would upset or offend Britney. Like her kids and her career. And 100 calorie packs.

Britney at a recording studio yesterday: