You Can Wear Britney Spears’ Clothes

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Producers of the CBS show, How I Met Your Mother, are auctioning off six items of clothing worn by Britney Spears during the episode that will be aired tonight. The proceeds will be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council, and auction will start immediately after the episode airs. People says:

Producers of the show sponsored the sale, which will include a navy print Juicy Couture dress, a yellow Nannette Lepore dress and a cream Nannette Lepore cardigan with blue flower details, all worn by Spears during filming.”

The Natural Resources Defense Council can rest easy tonight, because all of their money problems will be gone by tomorrow with this brilliant idea. Because everybody knows the American people will pay top dollar for the chance to wear something with unexplainable stains that Britney Spears more that likely farted in. Maybe next time they can auction off a wetsuit filled with scorpions or flammable onesie. What untold riches await!

Some Britney Spears sexiness for ya. Mmmm, baby: