Sienna Miller is Engaged

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Famous for turning sex with Jude Law into an acting career, Sienna Miller has now found love and is engaged to actor, Rhys Ifans. She accepted his proposal on his third try. The Sun reports:

The couple is alleged to be planning a summer wedding after Sienna accepted Ifans’ third proposal earlier this month. Lucky Rhys first asked for Miller’s hand in marriage in August last year by sending her a cryptic message in Welsh, which read: “Marry the Misfit.” He then proposed for a second time in December at her 26th birthday party by hiding an engagement ring in a pile of gifts. But it was third time lucky for the actor when Sienna finally accepted his proposal just a few weeks ago.”

This dude shouldn’t get too comfortable, because well, Sienna Miller is a huge slut. Seriously, she’s a slut. Urban legend says that if you say her name in a mirror five times in row that she’ll appear behind you out of a mist. Then she’ll fuck you. Be warned!