Winona Ryder is Shoplifting Again

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In 2002, Winona Ryder was convicted of shoplifting after she was caught on camera stealing $6,000 worth of clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. She was later sentenced to three years probation and 480 hours of community service, but most importantly, she was taught a valuable lesson. Oh, wait. Never mind. The Daily Mail reports:

…the Girl Interrupted star recently set off the security alarm at Hollywood CVC Pharmacy after making several purchases…when she left the store, she set off an alarm that drew the attention of a security guard. A store employee is quoted as saying: “Winona had a bag of stuff, but she set off the theft alarm when she left the store. “When a security guard stopped her, he found make-up she had not paid for.” And when she was asked about the make-up, Winona answered: “I don’t know how that happened.” The store employee added: “We took unpaid items back and she left the store.”

Eh, whatever. Stealing is fun for everybody. Just ask the Native Americans. Sure their land and way of life is gone, but have you seen their slot machines? I have to admit, they’re pretty moving.