Britney Spears is Broke

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Laughing at the expense of others is an unalienable right, so here are a few Britney Spears stories that got lost during the celebration of Kristin Davis Sex Tape Day. First, Britney has been ordered to pay Kevin Federline’s legal fees, which have already reached a whopping $375,000.

Kaplan [K-Fed’s lawyer] was asking for a cool half mil over a four month period in the custody fight. Commish Scott Gordon had initially ordered Brit to pay Federleze’s “reasonable” attorney’s fees. Brit’s lawyer said the fees were outrageous and the judge knocked it down some, but Kaplan now is deep in the green.”

Immediately following the ruling, conservators (her dad and his lawyer) petitioned the judge to allow them to start selling some of Britney’s many vehicles, fueling speculation that Britney’s net worth is way less than advertised.

Co-conservator Andrew Wallet made the request in court. The exact makes and models of the cars were not discussed in open court.”

They can push all of Britney’s cars off a cliff for all I care. If she has to use today’s newspaper as tonight’s blanket because she’s blowing through her money like a reparations check, then screw her. She deserves it. I’m just more concerned about what the hell is going on with her legs. You normally only see thighs like that on something that just heard a who. Good grief, she’s huge. Either she’s eating 12 meals a day or her basement has a gateway to the magical world of Chocolateland.