Paris Hilton Wants a Best Friend

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Wanting to make sure everyone on Earth knows that she’s a world champion attention whore, Paris Hilton announced her new MTV reality television show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, at a news conference yesterday. Scheduled to air in May, the show will feature 20 men and women, competing for the title of Paris’ best friend. Reuters says:

Wannabe members of Hilton’s entourage must submit their details to a web site,, where online voters will decide their fate. The 20 finalists will move into a house with Hilton, and will learn from the master about “normal girl stuff,” like fashion, parties and shopping…What is she looking for in a best friend? “Someone that I can just trust, someone who’s not gonna stab me in the back like has happened a lot in this town, someone I can have fun with,”…”

Wow. I can’t even begin to know the level of self-loathing it would take to apply for this show. If had to choose between living with Paris Hilton or living with AIDS, I’d at least take whoever infected me out to dinner. You know, just a small token for their gesture.