Mandy Moore’s Mom is Gay

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The National Enquirer has revealed that Mandy Moore’s mother, Stacy Moore, is in a lesbian relationship with professional tennis player, Claudette Laliberte. The couple started seeing each other in 2006, but their relationship was found out when Laliberte’s other girlfriend found email exchanges between the two women.

…Stacy Moore has been romancing another women since leaving the singer’s father. The other woman in question is tennis professional Claudette Laliberte. The publication also alleges that the ladies have set up a home together. When asked about her same sex relationship with Laliberte, Stacy told the Enquirer: “It’s nobody’s business why we’re together.”

Lesbian stories are almost always disappointing because instead of stilettos and teeth marks, it’s fanny packs and and jean shorts. So really, the only thing we can hope for now is that Mandy Moore thinks that her mom being gay is somehow her fault so she gets real depressed and wonders if she’s a lesbian too. Unable to cope with any of this, she turns to alcohol and drugs then gets her picture taken making out with Sophia Bush. Only then will the sexy balance be restored.