Angelina Jolie Loves to Fly Pregnant

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Angelina Jolie is visibly pregnant and was seen boarding a tiny private plane in Texas yesterday. The Daily Mail says:

Just 24 hours after revealing a not inconsiderable bump, brave Angelina was seen climbing aboard a private plane at an airfield in Smallsville, Texas, which appeared to be just a tad on the small side. The actress arrived alone in a black 4×4, and could then be seen standing on the wing of the plane, with the front seat pulled forward in readiness for her to sit in the back. However, considering her tall frame, and the size of her growing baby bump, it’s debatable how comfortable the 32-year-old actress would be in such a small space. Angelina was accompanied by just a pilot, as neither partner Brad Pitt nor any of her four children accompanied her on the trip. The Jolie-Pitt brood are currently living at a 270 acre ranch near the rural town of Smallsville while Brad is filming his latest movie The Tree of Life.”

Pictures of Angelina flying while she was pregnant with Shiloh caused an outrage back in 2006, but whatever. I’m sure this baby is cool with it. It’s the being born thing that he needs to worry about. If the first thing my face touched in the world was Angelina Jolie’s vagina, it’s easy to see how the rest of my life could be disappointing.

Angelina buying books on March 10th: