J.Lo Doesn’t Want to be Called J.Lo Anymore

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I’m not sure who to call about this, but they should really have “Jennifer Lopez is a massive cunt” stories on that sports ticker thing they have on ESPN. That would make it easier to keep track. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned not only has Jennifer Lopez sold her baby pics to People mag for a cool $6 mil — she got the mag to agree to stop calling her J.Lo! A source tells TMZ J.Lo made the deal and threw in the moniker clause as well. We’re also told J.Lo instructed People, in addition to the loot and the name thing, that her hubby, Annie Leibovitz wannabe Marc Anthony, has to be the one to shoot the photos.”

Yeah, the best thing to do when $6 million gets thrown at you is to start demanding the most asinine stuff you can think of. Guess what? I’m going to still call you J.Lo. And I’m sure People is going to love the pictures that your husband takes. Those soccer jerseys and cowboy boots really bring out your kids’ eyes.

Note: Of course J.Lo’s publicist is denying this now, but publicists are liars.