Mary-Kate Olsen Has a New Boyfriend

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Although her boyfriend overdosed just over a month ago, Mary-Kate Olsen is now reportedly dating “Italian Playboy”, Lapo Elkann (this smooth operator). Famous for being the heir to the $7.3 billion Fiat fortune, Elkann also spent three months in a coma after a cocaine and heroin overdose in the home of a transsexual in 2005. Star Magazine says:

Mary-Kate and Lapo seemed very cozy” while sitting next to each other at the Giambattista Valli fashion show on Feb. 28, says a source. “Lapo’s a good-looking guy, and Mary-Kate seemed to love the attention she was getting from him.” MK, 21, and Lapo, 30, are certainly no strangers to each other. They have been linked many times together on the international party circuit. “Perhaps, this time in Paris, they’ll strike up a romance,” says the source.”

Most dudes aren’t into Mary-Kate Olsen for the same reason they aren’t into child porn, so I’m confused how she manages to convince guys to date her. Even this dork. I imagine $7.3 billion could at least buy you a chick without a training bra. Unless science discovers that Mary-Kate’s vagina is made of silk and honey, I’m struggling to think of a scenario where I’d want her straddling me.

Mary-Kate at the John Galliano fashion show in Paris, March 1st: