Britney Spears Causes Nightmares

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In the world’s least surprising story, Britney Spears’ sons want nothing to do with her when it’s time for scheduled visitations. Sean Preston is reportedly sleeping in the same bed as Kevin Federline because the little guy has been suffering from nightmares, and when Britney arrives to pick her sons up, they cry for their father. says:

Jamie told Kevin that Britney handled the visit well. She actually did cry, but that was only because Sean cried when she took them from Kevin,” says the insider…The boys are said to be confused when it comes to their mom, which is another reason why either Jamie Spears or a psychologist is present during the visits. “Jamie plays with them and keeps them busy. They enjoy their grandfather, so it makes the time easier,” says the source. Part of the problem is that Britney treats her sons more like dolls than children. “She dresses them for show and tell,” says the insider. “She likes to show them off, but not give them the nurturing they need. I understand she is working on this part of her motherhood with her psychiatrist.”

It must make Britney feel all warm inside knowing that her kids think she’s some monster that lives under their bed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sean Preston wakes up Jayden James in the middle of the night to sharpen stakes and melt silver coins. “One of these better fuckin’ work, ” Sean Preston was overheard saying.

Britney and her paparazzi entourage on Robertson Blvd. yesterday: