Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are Talking

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Friends of Kate Hudson are fearful the actress will get back with Owen Wilson after the pair were spotted together in Miami this week. Hudson was there to attend the Miami Film Festival, Wilson is in town shooting a movie with Jennifer Aniston. OK! Magazine says:

Kate fell for Owen so hard that she risked everything and went head first into love with him,” a friend of the actress tells OK!. “But even during the year they were together, it was a roller coaster. I hope what’s going on now is just temporary. “They’re both busy with movies, and hopefully Kate will have some clarity and decide to just be friends with him,” continues the friend. “I’d be very, very worried if they got back together seriously. It is ridiculous for her to think he’s all better in eight months.”

It’s amazing how Owen Wilson has regained control of his life and is now on a quest to rekindle the romance with his true love. It’s such a heartwarming tale. How can Kate Hudson resist? I always thought rose petals on the bed and diamonds on layaway were the way to win back a girl’s heart. Turns out, slitting your wrists works pretty well, too.

Goldie Hudson in Miami Beach: