Hulk Hogan is a Cheater

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Hulk Hogan (a.k.a. the queerer sounding, Terry Bollea) had an extra-marital affair with Christiane Plante, the 33 year old best friend of his daughter. The relationship with Plante, reportedly “common knowledge among some of the crew of his reality series Hogan Knows Best,” was said to be a shock to Hogan’s family. Being the bad asses that they are, National Enquirer took it upon themselves to go knock on this chick’s door and get her to confess:

I’m terribly sorry for what occurred,” Christiane Plante told The ENQUIRER. In an exclusive interview, Christiane apologized for hurting Hulk’s wife and daughter. The ENQUIRER also discovered that she wrote an apology letter to Brooke Hogan, her former best friend. “It was never my intention to hurt Terry’s and Linda’s wonderful, funny, sweet, loving, beautiful and talented daughter Brooke,” Christiane told The ENQUIRER. “My relationship with Terry began at a time when Terry and Linda privately knew their marriage was ending. She had left him already, although no official papers had been filed. “Terry is a good man, good father and good friend, and he and I grew close at a time when he was going through a very difficult period. It seemed right then, but I know it was wrong.”

Not to defend what Hulk Hogan did, but if I woke up one day and realized that I had been married to this for 24 years, I’d probably be trying to stick it in every young piece that walked by too. Linda Hogan looks like she’s been embalmed. And no matter what they say at funerals, I can’t help but think this isn’t the look she was going for.

Brock Hogan filming that stupid “Hogan Knows Best” show yesterday: