Ashlee Simpson is Not Pregnant, Not Engaged

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Even though she’s been wearing an engagement ring for the last two months, and despite the fact she posted a cryptic video showing her with a pillow under her shirt, Ashlee Simpson has confirmed she is neither. You can now continue not to care. Us Magazine says:

On Wednesday, she confirmed it’s a promise ring from her Fall Out Boy beau Pete Wentz. “It just means that he hasn’t asked my dad yet…” she explained on Fuse TV’s The Sauce while promoting her upcoming album Bittersweet World. Simpson also set the record straight on another issue: “No, I’m not pregnant,” she declared.”

Pete Wentz looks like he spends most of his time drawing butterflies and getting cosmetic counter makeovers, so Ashlee Simpson really didn’t have to confirm anything. We kinda already knew. I’m not saying Pete Wentz is gay, but Ashlee would have a better chance of getting pregnant by this dude if she somehow could transform into My Chemical Romance.

Ashlee yesterday on “The Sauce”: