Jessica Simpson Hates Fat People

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Since she has refused to settle a $10 million lawsuit with the owner of Speedfit because she failed to give final approval on a workout video, Jessica Simpson has now caused her father/manager/pimp, Joe Simpson, to be named as a defendant. Page Six reports:

In 2005, during a lull in her career, Simpson starred in a workout tape produced by Speedfit, a fitness video company. Although she signed a multimillion-dollar contract, she later changed her mind and prevented the video from being released by not giving final approval. Speedfit owner Alex Astilean sued Simpson last year for $10 million – and since she’s refused to settle, Astilean’s now suing her manager dad, Joe, as well. Astilean said, “They are hurting millions of fat people in America.” Simpson’s rep said, “It’s a legal matter that’s in the hands of attorneys.”

This workout video must be pretty bad, because please keep in mind that this is the same Jessica Simpson who thought Blonde Ambition would “open people’s eyes in Hollywood.” The only way this video could be worse than her last movie is if somebody recorded an episode of Deal or No Deal over it at some point.

Pro Bowl week in Hawaii: