Jennifer Lopez Needs to Get Over Herself

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The hospital where Jennifer Lopez plans to give birth to her twin brats has been practicing drills and is suddenly on high alert to prevent a kidnapping. The hospital insists it’s only a coincidence, yeah right. TMZ reports:

Sources at North Shore Medical Center tell TMZ the hospital conducted a “Code Pink” drill last Friday — “Code Pink” is code for locking down the hospital to prevent a kidnapping attempt. A rep for North Shore confirmed that the pink drill did indeed go down, but said that the timing is just a coincidence, but that’s not what our sources are saying.”

I hate Jennifer Lopez so much. She is so in love with herself that she seriously thinks someone would risk prison time to steal one of her ugly little demon spawns. Then she has the nerve to force this entire hospital to drop what they’re doing in order to cater to her ego and paranoia. I wish I was her nurse so I could cater to her. And by “cater” I mean make her drink water out of a dog dish and serve her a platter of what I scooped out of the bin marked “Biohazard” for each meal. I’d be doing the world a favor, and you know it.