The Kardashians are Getting Sued

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Sonja Norwood, mother of Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Ray J, and singer, Brandy, is suing Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian for making unauthorized charges in excess of $100,000 on Norwood’s American Express card back in 2004. Kardashian, a stylist at the time, was given the card to make a “”one (and only one)” purchase. Um, she didn’t. TMZ reports:

According to the suit, Kim allegedly gave the card to other members of her family — Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr. The suit claims in 2006, the Ks racked up $62,793.83 in unauthorized charges. And, in 2007, they blew another $57,841.82. The total: $120,635.65! And get this for audacity: the suit claims the Kardashians charged thousands of dollars in their own stores, Dash and Smooch.”

Wow, Sonja Norwood seems pretty upset. Maybe somebody should point out to her that the first letter of these skank’s names spell out KKK. That should make her feel better.

The Kardashian sisters. Yes, Khloe was born a female: