Gisele Bundchen Needs To Get Naked

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After a perfect 16-0 regular season, the New England Patriots lost 17-14 to the New York Giants last night in Super Bowl XLII. So I guess that means Gisele Bundchen needs to get naked. The Sportsman’s Daily (satire) reports:

In the aftermath of their 21-12 victory over the San Diego Chargers, Tom Brady’s celebrated girlfriend startled onlookers by promising to run naked down Broadway in the unlikely event the Patriots lose to the Arizona-bound N.Y. Giants — unlikely until the very moment she parted her full lips and made the surprise announcement.”

Just so we’re clear, a naked Victoria’s Secret model running down the street will never happen. Never. Just like with everything else involving the Patriots this weekend, it’ll just turn out to be hype and a fucking tease. Wow, it must suck living in Foxboro today. An artists’ rendition of New England Patriots’ fans include a plane crashed into a side of a barn and a cat with a bowl of spaghetti on its head.

Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl stuff: