Britney Spears is Probably in a Padded Room

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Britney Spears’ 72-hour hold at Stewart & Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital has been extended to 14 days at the request of her psychiatrist, sources have confirmed. And what a nice place it is! People reports:

The Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital is known as one of the top facilities of its kind; still, “It is a terrible situation,” says a source close to the Spears family. “Britney is in a padded room. Her family is so worried about her.” Terry K. Wasserman, a veteran L.A. attorney specializing in mental health cases (who’s not involved in the Spears matter), explains that if a patient becomes combative, he or she “could be placed in a ‘quiet room,’ some of which are padded.” Wasserman adds: “Another possibility is being confined to a bed by leather restraints. In extreme, life-threatening situations – when the patient is a threat to oneself or medical staff – a psychiatrist can inject a person with psychotropic medication.”

Man, this place seems pretty cool. Let’s hope Britney attacks a nurse. That sounds like it would be great. Because the thought of Britney Spears in a stick collar talking to demons like Mary Poppins while she’s getting tasered just puts me in a good place emotionally.

Lynne and Jamie Spears on Saturday: