Kirsten Dunst is Not in a Good Place Right Now

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Sources say Kirsten Dunst is “on the verge of a breakdown” after her recent behavior at Sundance. Page Six says:

The starlet came late, left early, and “acted erratic” during a recent event at Sundance, according to insiders. The source added that friends of the actress made apologies on her behalf, saying, “Kirsten is not in a good place right now.” Dunst, who split from Razorlight rocker boyfriend Johnny Borell last year, has not been photographed or spotted out in recent weeks.”

Kirsten Dunst has long been rumored to be a raging alcoholic so that should probably be theory #1. Other theories include she saw her reflection in a lake or her coffin was opened before dusk. “Who hath dared to disturb my slumber?!?”, Dunst was quoted as saying.