Angelina Jolie Might Be Pregnant With Twins

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Angelina Jolie is rumored to be pregnant again, this time with twins. Star says:

The two extra kids will bring the Jolie-Pitt family up to six children, all aged under seven. They have three adopted children and Shiloh, their daughter, who was born in May 2006. Rumors of pregnancy for Angie, 32, have swirled since she appeared at the Critics’ Choice awards on January 7 looking considerably healthier than the almost skeletal figure she had become…And Star has learned that Angelina hastily canceled a long-scheduled trip to Europe when she found out about her pregnancy. “Brad and Angelina are absolutely ecstatic,” a second source says. “But I still think there will be more adoptions to come.”

I’ve thought about it, and there isn’t any scenario where I wouldn’t have sex with Angelina Jolie, so if she wanted six kids in three years, then hey, that’s cool. If they got on my nerves, I’d just drop them off in the woods. Who knows, maybe they’ll find a gingerbread house or magical world of trolls and goblins. Kids love that kind of stuff!