Britney Spears is Single

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Britney Spears has broken up with with her paparazzo boyfriend of three weeks, Adnan Ghalib, after she finally realized Ghalib was using their relationship to sell exclusive photographs (he has reportedly made close to $1 million in less than a month), The Daily Mail says. The split was not brought on by some revelation by Spears, but by her “manager,” Osama Lufti.

Sam never approved of Britney’s romance with Adnan,” a source tells Mail Online, adding: “He was very jealous.” It’s claimed that Lutfi – who has been romantically linked to Britney in the past – did everything in his power to split Britney from her British-born boyfriend. “He kept telling her [Britney] that Adnan was up to no good,” adds the source. “He was relentless.”…One of the photographers said: “Britney asked us to leave the cameras in the car, and she poured some champagne for us. She was very sweet…Sam was telling us to not worry about Adnan because they have filed a restraining order against him.”

The restraining order part turned out to be not true, but for Lufti, it’s mission accomplished. Seen by many in Spears’ family as manipulative and an even bigger threat than Ghalib, Lufti is a psychopath with some kind of X-Men power over Britney’s mind. Not that I give a damn. I’m just hoping we can get back to Britney stories that include names that don’t need possible spellcheck suggestions.

Meet Britney’s possible new boyfriend – a paparazzo named, Phillipe. Rinse, repeat:

Britney, Lufti, and Phillipe on Friday: