Tom Cruise Wanted Jennifer Garner

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It’s long been rumored that Katie Holmes was the last girl on a long list of girls Tom Cruise tried to recruit to be his wife; a list of young female celebrites which included Scarlett Johansson. Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography (aka, “the greatest book ever”), is now claiming that after his divorce from Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise reportedly also had his sights on Jennifer Garner. Us Magazine reports:

[Author Andrew] Morton writes that Cruise left messages on the Alias star’s voice mail in 2004 asking “if she knew what freedom was,” but his advances were rebuffed.”

Jennifer Garner must be some kind of emotionless cyborg because I’m not sure how she managed to keep her panties on after that. Tom Cruise is a smooth operator who makes his own rules in this game. What woman can deny his charms? What woman can refuse his sheer sexual power? What woman can resist being hooked up to an electronic device to measure memories put there by dead aliens? Good luck finding one, my friends.