Britney Spears Might Be Pregnant

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This may come as a shock, but a few reports came out yesterday afternoon claiming that Britney Spears might be mentally unstable. One report claims she wrote an unused (frown) suicide note, and another report claims she was walking around naked in a Betsey Johnson store then had sex with Adnan in a dressing room. Now Britney might be pregnant by the man who has stalked her for 7 years. OK! Magazine says:

Now the pop star has lost both custody and visitation rights with her precious sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James and, as an insider reveals only in the new issue of OK!, friends fear she may seek to heal her loneliness by having another child–this time with her married paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib! “Britney hates when things are taken from her,” a family member of Kevin Federline tells OK!. “The court’s taken Preston and Jayden away, so she’ll just have another kid to take their place. That’s the way she thinks.”

If you still have any doubt about Britney’s true feelings for her kids, let’s hope this clears it up. They’re toys that are easily replaced. The doctor could hand Britney a Baby Alive doll in the delivery room and she wouldn’t notice for about two weeks.

Video captures of Britney and Adnan buying a pregnancy test at Rite-Aid a few days ago (click thumbnails for larger images):

Britney and Adnan buying a bunch of candy yesterday: