Jessica Simpson Had Some Help

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Man, I wonder how a swarm of paparazzi knew the exact time and the exact location of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson’s vacation in Cabo San Lucas? Hmm…what ever could be the answer to this great mystery? New York Daily News reports:

Joe is well-known for his deals with the paparazzi, where the family gets a cut from the sales of the photographs,” says an insider. “Nobody would have known that Tony was down in Mexico with Jessica if there hadn’t been those pictures everywhere. So a lot of people suspect he tipped off the photographers, causing Tony this huge headache.”…”When you date Jessica, you date Joe, too,” says the source.”

Really? That sounds great, so I should probably get started working on my Eli Manning impersonation to get Jessica Simpson to go out with me. I’m not gonna lie, it’s always been a dream of mine to date a girl whose dad frosts his tips and plays with her ass. He can say stuff like, “Wow, look at those tits!”, and I won’t have to get mad because I know he really loves her.

Jessica looking confused in her car on January 11th: