Everyone Hates Jessica Simpson, Part 3

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As predicted, Jessica Simpson managed to jinx the Dallas Cowboys yet again and they lost their playoff game against the New York Giants on Sunday. Naturally, this only helped Dallas Cowboys fans hate Jessica more. US Magazine reports:

…most of the blame fell on Romo’s relationship with Jessica Simpson. Sniped Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw: “A lot of people thought Tony Romo made a mistake by taking off for Mexico with Jessica Simpson on the club’s off weekend. He had a chance to prove them wrong by delivering a typical Pro Bowl Romo performance Sunday. “It didn’t happen.” The Associated Press also wrote that his loss certainly won’t help him “quiet everyone who accused him of mixed-up priorities for joining girlfriend Jessica joining Simpson on the beach in Mexico last weekend.”

Jessica Simpson is such a goddamn donkey. If she would have just kept her mountain range nose and butt-chin out of Tony Romo’s business, he may have managed to focus on football, but nooooo, she had to confuse him with her androgyny. Also to blame, the blinding glare from over over-bleached teeth. I heard they blistered Tony’s corneas and he’s now partially blind.

The following clips are from the press conference which followed the game. In short, Tony Romo says he doesn’t listen to the fans or their opinions (even though he should have), and Terrell Owens cries.

Jessica helping ruin Sunday’s game by wearing a Cowboys hat last Thursday: