Britney Holds Her Kids Hostage, Wreaks Havoc

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Okay, long story as short as possible…

Britney Spears was ordered to return the kids back to K-Fed by 7 p.m. tonight. She refused. She locked herself in her bathroom with her kids and basically held them hostage until a crapload of police, firemen, paramedics, paparazzi, and helicopters swarmed her home, and after an approximate 90 minute standoff the kids were taken away from her. It was then discovered Britney was “under the influence,” “intoxicated,” and “a danger to herself and others.” Then she and one of the kids (reportedly Jayden James, the youngest child) were transported to Cedars-Sinai hospital.

When Britney arrived at the hospital she was reportedly smiling and flipping off the paparazzi who were waiting at the emergency entrance. Witnesses inside the hospital say when Britney was inside she was screaming, making a huge scene, saying she’d “rather die” than let K-Fed have her kids, and then may or may not have been restrained and sedated. She is now reportedly on medical hold for mental evaluation.

That’s the most up to date crap I have for you in a nutshell after all the news reports and emails. Whatever. The dumb ho is still alive, retarded, and abusing her kids. What else is new … other than that fresh growth on Lindsay Lohan’s labia. What, huh? That’s right, girl. It’s Gyno time.

All the pics I scraped up for you so far…

Sean Preston taken away from the scene:

The following images are courtesy of JFX Online:

Video courtesy of TMZ:

Update: Page Six is now reporting Britney is currently on suicide watch at Cedars-Sinai.

Another update: News sources are reporting Britney was transported to the hospital in handcuffs.

Britney getting wheeled out of her home on a gurney courtesy of TMZ:

Update: Britney was removed from her home in restraints. Click the photo below for the larger image: