Pamela Anderson Has Problems

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In 2007, Pamela Anderson divorced Kid Rock, had sex with a dude to pay off a gambling debt, and then married that guy who was in a sex tape with Paris Hilton. What can we expect in 2008? If you guessed “the exact same”, you win! Pamela says:

Oh there’s plenty,” of problems, Anderson told PEOPLE as she headed to LAX nightclub in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. “What can you do? We’re all human. We’re all trying.” When asked about her plans for 2008, she said, “More of the same. More excitement, more fun.”

Oh yeah, baby! Because nobody brings the excitement and fun like a 40 year old used up whore with Hep C! There’s no telling what Pam has in store! Will she make an inappropriate life choice? Will she make another inappropriate life choice after that? The possibilities are endless!!

Pam on New Year’s Eve: