Paris Hilton and K-Fed are Partying

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Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton hooked up at Pure in Las Vegas this weekend? What took so long? Page Six says:

Paris whispered some pretty sweet and enticing words in Kevin’s ear,” a Federline family insider told “She basically asked him where he was staying and if he wanted to visit her in her own suite.” According to the source, Kevin passed, but he said, “It will not be so easy to deny her next time.”

There are several conflicting reports about who approached who and whether or not they spent the night together, but it’s not really hard to imagine what happened. Paris hands out the ass like breath mints and K-Fed is known for getting skanks pregnant. So in nine months when Paris is carrying a baby who’s wearing special ordered shoes and a powder blue Starter jacket, you can tell all your friends you were right.