Everyone Hates Jessica Simpson, Part 2

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Jessica Simpson’s last two movies will be available only on DVD, but somebody should consider releasing them in Texas theaters. Jessica Simpson is from Texas and people just love her there. They would be lining the streets to see her on the big screen. Or the exact opposite. Page Six reports:

Her latest, “Blonde Ambition,” a romantic comedy with fellow Texan Luke Wilson, was headed straight to DVD release when the bosses at Nu Image and Millennium Films decided to give it a limited Christmas run. Bad mistake: The turkey took in just $1,322 on its opening weekend in eight Texas theaters.”

Jessica Simpson must give some mind-altering blowjobs, because Hollywood’s been trying to make this idiot a star for far too long. Here’s a hint: it’s not working. The only way she should be in a movie theater is if she paid to get in. With her talent, at best, she should be laying in a box waiting for a magician to cut it in half.

You can watch the entire horrible movie here. Try not to kill yourself.