Leonardo DiCaprio is Smart

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Seen holding hands at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills last week, Leonardo DiCaprio and his ex-fiancee, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, are reportedly back together after splitting in October. A source says:

…they were never really ‘off’, adding: ‘It’s a struggle to make a relationship like theirs work, but yes, they’re together.'”

Refaeli was seen everywhere with Kelly Slater the last few months, so unless Slater is her brother, I’m thinking they were really “off.” Not that it matters though. Bar Refaeli could break up with me then make a sex tape with the Boston Celtics and I’d still take her back. She’s ridiculously hot. Which is why I don’t get the whole Leonardo thing. Sure he’s a rich, handsome movie star, but can he play Guitar Hero III in expert mode? I didn’t think so. That’s right, expert. Uh huh, that’s right, baby. You like that.