Britney Spears is Mad at Jamie Lynn

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Britney Spears is reportedly furious that she was the last to know that her sister was pregnant. The reason Jamie Lynn didn’t tell her? Britney is insane. Page Six says:

Britney felt betrayed and left out when Jamie Lynn did not come to her first.”..Britney called her sister and became upset when she wouldn’t answer or return her call…”Jamie Lynn has a very soft personality,” says the family insider, who added that Jamie Lynn often had to suffer her sister’s tantrums when they were growing up. “She loves Britney, not Britney’s temper.”Though Britney, 26, and Jamie Lynn, 16, have since spoken about the pregnancy, their conversations have been “clinical” and awkward. “Their relationship is estranged,” says the source. “Jamie Lynn does not recognize Britney as the sister she grew up with, so she has gone to her friends, her boyfriend and her mom when she needs someone.” “It is mostly by Britney’s choice,” says the insider. “She is so self-absorbed in her own life that she has forgotten what is important in life, like her family.”

Wait, you mean to tell me that Britney Spears only cares about herself? Whoa, I might need to sit down for that. Britney is normally using her millions and fame to build schools for deaf orphans and to buy cargo planes to drop food over Africa, now you’re saying she’s a spoiled brat who flies into a psychotic rage when people don’t want to do exactly what Britney wants them to? I…I just can’t believe it.

Jamie Lynn is over 12 weeks pregnant, so that means she was pregnant when she and her “soft personality” screamed obscenities at that woman back in October: