Britney Spears Had No Idea

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Jamie Lynn and Britney are obviously super close and talk every day, because when a photographer asked Britney about her sister’s pregnancy last night, Britney said, “My sister’s not pregnant. Whatever!” She then proceeded to go about her normal routine. OK! Magazine says:

According to witnesses, Britney, made several U-turns in rainy conditions Tuesday night, and at one point while driving west along Santa Monica Blvd., the pop star began to turn right and go north on Doheny Dr., only to change her mind in mid-turn and make a left-hand turn, cutting across three lanes of traffic in the middle of the intersection…A few blocks later, Brit pulls into the swanky L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel, where she and her assistant hung out at the famous Writer’s Bar. Just after midnight, it appeared as if Britney had decided to move on, pulling out of the L’Ermitage parking lot. But instead of heading to a nearby fave like the Four Seasons, Brit merely drove around the block before re-entering the hotel minutes later!”

So either Britney is in denial or she really didn’t know. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t tell Britney anything either. She’s a moron. You could give her directions to a sunken pirate ship and she’d somehow end up at Long John Silver’s.

Britney going to the L’Ermitage Hotel last night because she got kicked out of the Four Seasons: