Katherine Heigl is a Bitch

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On Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl received her first big career break. She thanked the producers by saying her character is just a ratings ploy. In Knocked Up, Heigl was given her big-screen break after Anne Hathaway passed. She showed her appreciation by saying the film was sexist and degrading towards women. At this year’s Emmy Awards, Heigl publicly blasted an announcer (twice) for mispronouncing her name. At the Beverly Hills screening of her new film, 27 Dresses, Heigl explained why she’s a miserable bitch. US Magazine reports:

I always tell it like it is,”…Still, she added, “you kind of pick and choose your moments to be brutally honest.” “I think most women have been in the position of being a real people pleaser at one time or another in their lives. I kind of got over that in my early 20s.” “I just sort of think if you couch what you feel too often, you’re not really being true to yourself,” Heigl said.”

God, shut the fuck up. Nobody cares. In case you won the Nobel Prize or invented a flying car I don’t know about, your only contribution to society is being on TV in your bra. Last time I checked, that’s not the empowering symbol of feminism you probably think it is.