Britney Spears Has a Crappy New Video

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Britney’s new video, “Piece of Me” (barf), is being released today, and from the looks of it, the video takes place in some kind of fantasy world or alternate universe. One where Britney Spears hates paparazzi. The Daily Mail says:

In the clip the troubled pop star, who wears low rise jeans, a sequined bra and tiny jacket, performs a loosely choreographed dance routine, while a group of Britney clones are hounded by photographers. In the video, Spears sings: “I’m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen, don’t matter if I step on the scene or shrink away to the Philippines. “They still take pictures of my derriere in the magazine. You wanna a piece of me?” She also complains that constant media attention means every day is “another drama”.”

When you consider the fact that the paparazzi are Britney Spears’ only friends, you realize just how insane this chick really is. Again, she CALLS THEM before she steps one foot outside, but in her mind they just won’t leave poor Britney alone. In reality, her Amazon wish list is waiting for the GPS tracking dog collar to finally be available in Britney’s size. The paparazzi will be sure to love those turn by turn directions. Gee, thanks Britney!

Britney at another gas station yesterday: