Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson?

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Continuing on his vagina downward spiral, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, is now reportedly dating Jessica Simpson after it was leaked to the press by Papa Joe revealed that the pair spent Thanksgiving weekend together. in Touch says:

The couple showed up at Jessica’s grandparents new home in Waco, Texas, on November 23 (a day late, since Tony had a game to play on Thanksgiving) and received a “hero’s welcome” from Joe and Tina Simpson and Jessica’s grandparents, according to an onlooker. While Tony has denied reports that he and Jessica are dating, insiders say the pair are definitely involved – and they’re getting more serious.”

Somebody needs to throw Tony Romo some kind of intervention, because he just went from Carrie Underwood to Sophia Bush to Britney Spears to Jessica Simpson. According to my chart, that arrow is going the wrong way. If you’re an NFL quarterback you should be stacking models on top of each other, not hoping people don’t notice your girlfriend’s Adam’s apple.

Jessica at Birds Bar on November 19th: