Britney Spears Might Go Back to Rehab

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Due to her continued erratic behavior and blatant disregard for court orders, Britney Spears’ family is prepared to stage another intervention in hopes they can convince Britney to return to rehab and save herself. With her kids already writing Kevin Federline’s house on their change of address forms, the family believes this will allow Britney to accept long-term professional care. OK! reports:

Brit’s parents, her brother Bryan, and her sister Jamie Lynn, were all hopeful she’d do what she needed to do to keep her children,” a family friend reveals in the new issue of OK! — on newsstands now. “But she seemed to just thumb her nose at everyone. So they are going to attempt another intervention and hopefully save her from herself.”…Now the Spears family, including divorced parents Jamie and Lynne Spears, is hoping the holiday spirit will convince Britney to commit herself to long-term professional care so she can get well and have the opportunity to be a mother to Sean and Jayden…”Her sister and brother have been meeting with their parents to figure out the best way to confront Britney. They know she needs a huge wake-up call if she is going to be successful in keeping her children and putting her life back on track.”

They should really try this, because this sounds like a brilliant plan. Neither a judge nor her kids could make Britney want to be a decent mother, so let’s give the holiday spirit a try. Maybe the ghosts of Christmas past will finally clue Britney’s family in that she DOES NOT WANT her kids. I don’t know how much simpler to make that. Britney wouldn’t have full custody for ten minutes before Sean Preston and Jayden James were in the backyard tied to a giant rocket and Britney would be counting down like it was New Year’s.

Britney, her designated driver, her babysitters, and her kids last night: