Britney Spears Gets Her Fat Sucked

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How does Britney Spears suck down junk food and 20,000 calorie Frappucinos every day and still retain her sexy figure? Intense physical exercise, of course. No, wait, I mean the exact opposite of that.

Britney Spears has had liposuction on her bottom and hips, it was claimed today. The 25-year-old was reportedly house hunting in Las Vegas at the weekend, but sources say she had some nip and tuck while there. It’s not the first time Britney has turned to cosmetic procedures in a desperate bid to improve her appearance – she had her pout plumped just last month. It was also reported she had liposuction in Vegas last April, which the star denies.”

Meanwhile, sources say Britney is planning to spend in upwards of $160,000 for upcoming cosmetic surgery:

The ‘Gimme More’ singer believes having a tummy tuck, nose job, chemical peel and boob job will help boost her career. A source said: “Britney rips pages out of magazines with pictures of the perfect body parts she wants. When she sees so many pictures of her in magazines it is impossible for her not to scrutinise every detail of her body.”

God, why does this fat ass even bother? Stop wasting time, just go ahead and inject yourself with diabetes, buy a Rascal, and get it over with. The only way lipo is going to help you is if they left the hose in like an IV. Or if you went to Dr. Jan Adams. I hear he’s pretty good.