Britney Spears Runs Red Lights

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With her two kids in the back seat and her court monitor in the front, Britney Spears turned left on Mulholland Drive, running a red light and driving into an intersection and oncoming traffic. TMZ reports:

The Popwreck approached the light slowly on Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles. You then see Britney raise her cellphone to her face. It is unclear if she’s texting or making a call. She then drives into the intersection as someone outside the car screams, “Red light, red light!” Britney then turns left onto Mulholland Drive, managing to miss oncoming traffic.”

Jesus, instead of letting these kids ride with Britney, just let them ride a bull or mount their car seat to a roller coaster. It’ll be basically same thing. They’d have less of a chance getting in an accident strapped on a bumper car than riding with this idiot. Seriously, is there anything Britney can do to completely lose custody of her kids? She’d really like to know. Will landmines in the backyard work or will cobras in the toy box be okay? I wish the judge would go ahead and fill us in because Britney is starting to run out of ideas.