Britney Spears Cried Uncontrollably

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Kalie Machado, Britney Spears’ former assistant who leaked these pictures last week, says Britney kept a shrine dedicated to Kevin Federline in her house and regularly cried uncontrollably (McDonald’s stopped serving breakfast?) after he left her.

Britney kept her wedding dress in a case on the wall in the entrance of her Malibu house. She kept all Kevin’s clothes and she would wander into his wardrobe looking at them. You could say it was a shrine to him. She was incredibly sad and lonely while I was with her. I could tell she desperately wanted him back. She’d burst into tears when he wouldn’t return her calls. She’d cry at night a lot.”

Britney was just ordered to pay $120K of Kevin Federline’s legal fees yesterday, so that should make her feel better. Not really. She must hate knowing that Federline is the Julius Peppers of this child custody case. He’s raking in bank despite not really doing much. That’s easy when the mother of your kids is Britney Spears. As long as Kevin doesn’t drop Sean Preston and Jayden James down a well or abandon them in the woods with nothing but breadcrumbs. He could carry around a severed head in a box and Britney would still be only able to manage monitored visitation.

Britney parked in a handicapped spot while she went tanning Nov. 3: