Britney Spears Wants to Do Kim Kardashian

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Friends have revealed that Britney Spears has a secret crush on Kim Kardashian and is trying to find ways to have sex with the socialite.

…Britney, 25, revealed: “I really love Kim’s butt, skin and hair. Kim is a real woman. A real horny beast…” According to a US magazine, the singer made her kinky confession as she took turns with friends to name the celebs they would most like to sleep with.” A close pal told the mag: “She was so graphic. It’s funny to hear America’s pop darling get so dirty.”

“Britney Spears is a lesbian” stories pop up whenever her PR machine tries to remind us how sexy she’s supposed to be, but whatever. This will never happen. The only way Britney Spears will have sex with Kim Kardashian is if LeBron James legally changes his name to Britney Spears.

Britney Spears looking hot, as usual: