Britney Spears is Doing Well

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Worrying about your pending child custody can be difficult, and some might say the best way to take your mind off that is to go to a bar and get drunk and high and dance on a table. Like Britney. On Monday, along with Alli Sims and several of her friends(?), Britney went to Winston’s and basically acted like Britney. Then, it got much, much worse:

As the evening came to a close, at about 1:30 a.m., Britney headed into the ladies room – again – and was spotted chatting with a brunette female bartender. “While waiting for a stall to open up, Britney turned to the bartender, who was wearing a low-cut black dress, and said, ‘You have nice tits! Mine are all saggy!‘” an eyewitness tells OK!. The bartender, somewhat dumbstruck by the comment, replied, ‘Thank you?!!” Brit then asked the girl, “Do you wanna change? I wanna switch outfits!! Let’s switch!!'” “At this point, the bartender felt that she had no choice but to comply,” the eyewitness says. “The ladies proceeded to switch outfits and Britney happily walked back to her booth in the bartender’s duds. The bartender, clearly taken aback, but with a great attitude, went back behind the bar and continued serving drinks in Spears’ French maid outfit, telling patrons, ‘I’m wearing Britney’s costume, including her bra! She made me take her bra!'”

Then they all decided to go back to Britney’s house where Britney dressed up in a scuba mask and a barrel with suspenders then grabbed a fork and chased an imaginary hot dog just to fully drive the point home that she has completely lost her fucking mind.

Britney in the bartender’s clothes (possibly NSFW):

Britney before she “switch”ed: