Jake Gyllenhaal is Unambiguously Gay

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You hear a planted “Jake Gyllenhaal is not gay” story from his publicist at least once a month, so imagine the surprise when in an interview to promote his new film, Rendition, Jake Gyllenhaal basically showed up in a leotard:

…I was stuck in a woman’s bathroom once with Susan Sarandon. She was interviewing me for a magazine and we couldn’t find a battery for our recording device so we ended up in a woman’s bathroom. I discovered two things that day: that the floor in a woman’s bathroom is colder than the floor in the men’s. And, believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time on the floor of a men’s bathroom so I should know! And women pee louder than men do, even though we might expect not. Maybe it’s just American women? I don’t know.”

I wonder who Jake Gyllenhaal is going be for Halloween? If I had to guess, I’d say Malibu Beach Barbie. But don’t hold me to that. He could go as Rainbow Brite.

Jake promoting Rendition at the 2nd Rome Film Festival in Rome on October 21st:

Jake’s “ex-girlfriend,” Reese Witherspoon: