Claire Danes is Crazy

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If Claire Danes doesn’t have a publicist she might want to look into it, because in an interview with Stella Magazine she basically said that she was insane. Revealing that she’s been in therapy since she was six years old, Danes claimed that she can only act if…wait for it…the weather is right. She says:

Occasionally I get it right as an actress and feel proud of what I’ve done. But the conditions have to be just right. I have to be working with a director who is really capable and attentive. The weather has to be just so and the other actors have to be great. Then, for some reason, it works and I feel wonderful. But then something changes and I go back to square one again….I complain the whole time, mainly about my acting. I complain about it when I do it and I complain when I’m not doing it, too. I think the main problem is that I’m exceedingly self-critical. It’s ridiculous, I know, but I can’t seem to be able to stop myself.”

Jesus, I bet this basketcase is a beam of sunshine to work with. Her movie sets must be great. Her throwing a tantrum because a cloud looks kinda dark and a hundred other people stabbing their keys in their palms to keep from tying a cinder block around this chick’s neck and throwing her off a bridge.

Claire at Opening Night Of Pygmalion on Oct. 18: