Ellen Degeneres is Crying

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Long story short, Ellen Degeneres adopted a dog from Mutt and Moms and when it didn’t get along with her cats, she gave it to her hairdresser and her two children. However, Ellen signed an agreement with Mutts and Moms saying she would not 1.) give the dog away and 2.) give the dog away to a house with kids under 14. She did. Turns out Mutts and Moms didn’t like that, so they went to the hairdresser’s house and confiscated the dog. Ellen’s response? A complete emotional breakdown on national television. Yeah, that seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction. I could get kicked in the balls at my parent’s funeral while a doctor was telling me I had an inoperable brain tumor and I would still cry less than this.

Update: It looks like those fascists Mutts & Moms already gave Iggy to a new home. Harsh.

Megan Fox because Ellen would so hit that: