Ashlee Simpson Uses Botox

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In Touch Weekly is claiming that Ashlee Simpson, 23, gets monthly botox injections in her forehead. In 2006, Simpson had plastic surgery to fix her nose. Dr. Jennifer Levine says:

When someone is smiling, certainly when they are smiling genuinely, you would expect a slight crinkle around the eyes, which I don’t see…So I would have to expect that she has had some Botox to that area.”

Surprisingly, Simpson’s spokesperson denies this:

“Ashlee has never had Botox in her life. She credits her eyebrows to her makeup artist who is a whiz with the tweezer.”

Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. Tweezers. Tweezers and a gallon of virgin blood. Because unless her makeup artist is Harry Potter, I’m going to go ahead and say Botox. Last time I checked, tweezers don’t make your forehead look like it just got ironed.

Ashlee, her gay boyfriend, her fug mom, and Fez at Ashlee’s 23rd birthday party: