Kirsten Dunst is Complaining

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Although the majority of her movies are complete box office failures, Kristen Dunst is whining about being paid millions to sit around in a trailer. Kirsten told Glamour,

Action movies really entail sitting in a trailer all day and not doing anything. You get there at six in the morning, you get all dressed up, put your make-up on and it seeps into your pores all day long and it’s really boring. I always have a lot of action in these films, and I don’t like it. Everything that you see in the great action clips take weeks and months, each moment takes a day. It involves screaming, cars, heights, and it’s very technical and complicated.”

God, I hate this ungrateful cunt. Every time she opens her mouth it’s something like this. She has no discernible talent or dental plan, but she somehow manages to think Hollywood would turn into an abandoned old timey mining town if she decided to stop making movies. God knows why she was cast in Spider-Man. It sure wasn’t to be pretty. They’d could have cast that WB frog and nobody would’ve known the difference.