Britney Spears Loves Her Dog, Not Her Kids

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It’s not enough for Britney Spears to drag around a swarm of paparazzi to whatever restaurant she’s hungry for every thirty minutes, but she’ll also cause a scene if her fucking dog isn’t allowed inside the building. Why? Because she’s a big star, of course. OK! reports:

Britney Spears pulled up to Mexican restaurant Casa Escobar for a strong margarita. But, sources reveal exclusively to OK!, the outing took a less-than-pleasant turn when the Toxic singer was told she couldn’t eat with her pet Yorkie pooch London in her lap. “It set her off into hysterics,” the source tells OK! about the scene at the Marina del Rey, Calif., eatery. And a friend of Brit adds, “She cares more about London than her boys! She’ll let anyone hold Preston and Jayden, but has to really trust you for you to even touch London. “The friend also reveals to OK! that, “If one of the boys is crying and London is barking, she’ll pick up London while the nanny calms the babies.”

Wow. For once, it would be great if Britney Spears wasn’t a complete piece of shit. She’s been so self-absorbed and out of touch with reality for so long that it wouldn’t even matter what she did at this point. She could use her turn signal and the President would cancel work for the day and Time Life would issue a set of ceramic and gold commemorative plates.