Jamie Lynn Spears is a Bitch

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Britney reunited with her family this weekend, so instead of staying home and actually reuniting, Britney called ahead to the paparazzi and made a grand entrance with her little sister Jamie Lynn at a restaurant in Malibu. Well, not before a random woman verbally attacked Britney and Jamie Lynn and helped prove that Britney isn’t the only classy one in the family. TMZ reports:

Britney and Jamie (and an army of photogs) were going to a sushi joint in Malibu when a brave woman came up to them and started shouting, “Nobody wants you in this neighborhood! … you’re making the neighborhood unsafe!” The paps defended Spears by yelling at the woman, but then Jamie-Lynn stepped in and shouted in the woman’s face, “Then move the fuck outta the neighborhood!”

Man, just look how brave Jamie Lynn was. So brave that when the woman tried to lunge at Jamie, she ducked behind the wall of photographers then left the restaurant out the back door. You only see bravery like that from a firefighter or in an Indiana Jones movie. Or the time that squirrel got inside my house. When I locked myself inside the bathroom and jumped on the sink, I walked. I didn’t run like those other cowards.

Note: In case you don’t believe Britney calls the paparazzi ahead of time and that they should just leave poor Britney alone, be sure not to miss what happens at the 00:17 mark.

Britney Spears in desperate need of a bra this weekend: