Kim Kardashian is Usually Naked

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Some photographer dude named Eric Ford is the subject of a criminal investigation after he tried to sell over a dozen explicit photographs of Kim Kardashian and her sister, Kourtney, to media outlets. There was just one problem. New York Daily News reports:

The sisters, who will star in E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” this fall, are identified as being in nude pictures that were offered for sale to media outlets yesterday. The women are also seen in sexual poses with a naked man. But while Kim is 27 and Kourtney is 28, sources say the pictures were taken 11 years ago, when they were teenagers.”

If these pictures are from 11 years ago, then that means they’re gonna look kinda like this. Yeah, no thanks. Some people need plastic surgery. Some people like Kim Kardashian. Pictures of an Iraqi runaway pretending to do reverse cowgirl probably isn’t going to be the Internet sensation Eric Ford had in mind.